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A Round Of Applause For Kylie Freeman

victoriaplaceo started this conversation

An article caught my eye the other day and I have been thinking about it every since. The article was from The Seattle Times and was entitled " Freeman gets 50 Years For Sexual Abuse."

The article is about Kenneth Freeman who sexual abused his daughter, but I focused mostly on Kylie Freeman, the victim.

The article talked about what Kylie endured, her fear, and bravery of overcoming the fear. Kylie was on the verge of suicide before telling her mother. It seems her family was in full support of her and her trip to survival.

In the article Kylie stated:

"Biologically Ken Freeman is my father, but many years ago he violated his right to be so... ," said Kylie, who spoke at two separate hearings. "Six years of silence, that is how afraid of him I was. But I'm not afraid anymore."

This a true statement of survival and although I do not know Kylie, I am proud. However, Kylie goes a step further. Kylie created a website, according to the article "to let others know that they are not alone and can heal through talking about their abuse."

This article touched me in so many ways, to see the strength, the desire to help others, and I must admit a bit of jealousy. A bad trait it is but reading about the immense support Kylie had warmed me yet made me want my friends and family support even more.

I created RASA Survivors for the same reason that Kylie did to let others know they can heal and that welcome somewhere.

It would be a great honor to have Kylie Freeman as a member, perhaps someday she will be.

Victoria Placeo

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Hoping to help   in reply to simply me1
Yes, I guess so. Anyway, if you ever get a hold of those interviews or anything related to her story, I´d be grateful if you inform me. As a psychologist I´m preparing some material about pedophilia in general to do some speeches and other works with parents and teachers at public schools. Her case was one of the very few that came out publicly to tell her side of the story. I´d like to see that.

Best regards.
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simply me1   in reply to Hoping to help
the media is a very fickle beast she is no longer the topic of the day so they lose interest very fast. I did see her interview a few year back I think she was very brave to speak publicly. Maybe its at her own request that some of the interviews have been removed.... maybe let her got on with her life
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Hoping to help   in reply to simply me1
Hi, simply me1:

I doubt if I´ll be able to get anything that way, but I´ll try anyway. Her side of the story should be available to anyone, since cases like hers are becomoing painfully too common. It´s a shame that it seems to be easier to find her videos in the internet than her important message of what they did to her life as a child.

Sorry for the broken english.

Best regards
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simply me1   in reply to Hoping to help
yeah it seems they may have removed the interviews I did a search also and couldn't find much at all. Your other avenue might be to contact the producers directly.
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Hoping to help   in reply to simply me1
Hi, Simply Me1. I tried that already. It only tells about her father´s arrest. Nothing about her tesztimny about the case (that I know was aired at the time).that´s what I´m looking ofr.

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simply me1   in reply to FC69
This is a direct quote from you and it says it all! this isn't about the 8 yr old girl its all about you and you perception of yourself.

"Fortunately for all you that have a phobia about pedophiles, I managed to make her stop by rolling arround... I did not manage to forget about that day though, and have to live with my socially-unnaccepted fantasies in the back of my head, for the rest of my fuckin days, and endure your so-dear-good-conscience-point-of-view all the way. Honestly that day if I wouldn't have been told before there is something wrong about it, I would have gone all the way... I found that little girl so cute and attractive beyond her physics, I kind of liked what little of a personality she had. No 8yo ever told me "you're beautiful" before, not even when I was 8yo myself... maybe I lacked this as a child..."

So We are meant to feel sorry for you and somehow congratulate you for you mammoth efforts in restraining yourself. And there you say you will fantasize about it but you admit if you had not been told there was something wrong about it you would have gone all the way with her! If her mother had not been present or you were alone with her would you have stopped, could you have stopped yourself? Do you know for a fact that the girl acted deliberately or innocently? From your point of view she was inviting you to have sex. Incredible as it may seem that is only your perception, you can't know someones intentions unless they tell you. Did the girl ever say anything more about it, did she ever encourage you in any way apart from your own presumption that she did so?

This is the classic argument of any sexual predator, "They wanted me to do it!
All those who argue that Kylie wanted that kind of attention from her father all want to see that Kylie wanted sex and that it was a mutual act. They, and you don't see everything that led up to those video's or the aftermath! They are moments trapped in time they are a small part of a much bigger picture and they don't reflect anything other than a moment in time. For you they say its daddy and daughter sharing a moment, to the rest of us they represent betrayal in the worst possible way. Not even making it legal will change the perception that it is wrong. your own words betray you you stopped because you knew it was wrong.... No you stopped because no one you know would accept there is noting wrong with what you wanted to do to that little girl.

And this is the very crux of the issue 99.9% of us will say its wrong and that constrains you from carrying out your sick fantasy. That attitude will not change. I hope you have sought help or are thinking about it.
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simply me1   in reply to FC69
Hey after some time away I have a few questions for you. If that girls mother has not been present would you still have stopped?. Did you tell the girls mother what happened?

How do you know that it is a fact there is nothing wrong with adults having consensual sex with a child? Turning the whole you would never understand what I am going through argument around, how do you know that sex between adult and children isn't harmful?

All you have is your own and other pedophiles experience and observations to argue with! Of course it does no harm and is a positive experience from your perspective, its meeting your needs and you have a vested interest in promoting your views and justifying your actions.

Everything you have tried to argue in your own defense is nothing more than you playing the victim, the misunderstood hero who seeks to liberate all the children from prejudice.
For you the answer is simple, make it legal and all the guilt will go away and everyone will feel better for it; and you will have open access to all the children you want.

Forget about all the subtle coercion, manipulation, mind games, grooming and whatever else you do. In your mind the problem is in our minds and our upbringing you have done nothing wrong. That is where the problem lays you see nothing wrong with what you do.

I know you may have moved on and may never see this reply. Its not for your benefit anyway although I am sure some creepy little troll will crawl out of the woodwork to reply.
This is to show everyone how deranged and insane people like you are.
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simply me1   in reply to Hoping to help
if you search Kylie Freeman on america's most wanted archives you will find her.
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simply me1   in reply to LancsMan
I am still around not been here in a long while my user is slightly different as I can't recall my password to my old name or the email address I used
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In response to FC69 comments:

First of all, the way you present your argument and in particular the vile language you use is disgraceful. However, I agree that because society views the acts as wrong, it (unfortunately) adds an element of shame into the victims' psyche.

However, it is important to note that criminal laws passed in a democratic society are done so in a manner that pleases the majority of the populous.

Therefore, whilst you may hold the view that sexual contact with under 18's is acceptable, you are in a very small minority that do.

As most of us believe (rightly or wrongly) that sexual contact between an adult and a child, or viewing child abuse is abhorrently wrong, our governments have acted in response by creating criminal codes of conduct to deal with the transgressors.

I will explain clearly where YOU are at the moment:

If you sexually touch a child or or view such images you are in breach of our laws and you will be punished which most likely will include the forfeiture of your freedom.

Knowing the above you are 2 choices. 1 is to take the risk and get caught and pay the penalties. The other is to make the choice of NOT doing it.

However a noble choice the later option might be; You will know yourself that even though you choose NOT to, there will be some driving factor within you that WANTS to. And because it is there, like an annoying itch you cannot scratch, you will be living your life in perpetual misery.

Therefore I would urge that you seek some sort of help or counseling to address the issue of that "itch" you may have so that you can go on to live a happy life and fit in well with the society in which we are all a member.

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Nikkisweet   in reply to CKWatt
Yes there was genuine love and affection between lil Kylie and Ken. She knew he was her dad but trusted him in every way. She knew he would never hurt her. It is sad it was a love affiar and I dont think her dad meant her any harm
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LancsMan   in reply to simply me
Hi. I don't know if you're still around as the post I saw from you is a couple of years old now, but please if you are, would you reply to this? You seem very wise in some of your statements. Thanks
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Hoping to help
I read this article. Unfortunatly I was unable to find any other comments by Kylie Freeman. I know that she gave interviews and statements at the time. However, I can´t find anything on the net. I hope someone here can give a clue about it.
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Hoping to help
It´s interesting. I´m a psychologist from Brazil, with a degree in clinical sexuality. I´m studying about this case for quite some time. I tried very hard to find any Kylie´s interviews or whatever video with her speaking, but to no avail. It seems that is far easier to find her porn than to hear her statements about what happened. Really sad. If anyone knows how to find anything related to her side of the story please tell me.

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simply me
 in response to idontknow123...   It is nothing more than self validation if you read down lower and search anon talk it becomes clear its their manifesto. In saying this there is complete denial of personal responsibility. They want to make the child responsible for the adults actions. Invariably when they are interviewed by the police they place the blame on the child or claim the child wanted that kind of attention.

Also they argue that because the child appeared to like the molestation they believe no harm has been done.

I stand by my statement below that they are sexual psychopaths
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Bloody hell.. after reading some of FC69's comments.. i feel sick. This disgusting human being. @FC69; The adult mind is only capable of fully understanding and consenting to a sexual relationship, a childs mind cannot do this. This is the human mind and nothing else. It has absolutely nothing to do with society. it's not the fact that people tell the child that it's wrong that it becomes wrong, it's the fact that when that child gets older they realise what has happened to them - in every single child abuse case! society has no influence on that emotion that the child feels when they realise they've been abused. That's just human beings and again, nothing to do with society. FC69 you are a danger to society and your a childs nightmare in waiting. I see you've chosen to have a "relationship" to get access to a child. Pathetic little man.
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simply me
 in response to FC69...   I am not with out compassion for you. The last paragraph of your post you talked about Pedophiles not fully growing up. I don't think that is totally true although many seem to only grow emotionally to a certain point.

I would be interested to know if you were a victim of sexual abuse as a child? Many pedophiles were victims themselves although this isn't true in all cases so I am not trying to put you in a little box and label you

Research would suggest that with most choices we make in life there was an incident that triggered a response or developed a behavior that makes you what you are (generally speaking of all of us not you specifically). I am not of the belief that what we become is determined or that we are born a certain way. The Jury is still out on whether homosexuals are born or made my graduate studies in that area suggested nature and nurture.

Can a pedophile be reformed? I would ask do they or do you want to change? If a grown women was to give you the chance at an adult relationship could you or would you take up the opportunity or challenge?

On an emotional level how do you cope with adult relationships generally. How do you cope with every day life and decisions.

From your last comment you appear fatalistic or could i say unwilling.

Let me take another tact and forgive me if it sounds like I am putting words in your mouth. You are in one sense saying everything is about me and my needs I am obsessed with sex I could change it but really I don't want to.

I worked with a few pedophiles in therapy and by and large they were above average intelligence they were articulate and not much different from anyone else in day to day matters. What stands out as different is in most cases their inability to cope emotionally in an equal relationship with another adult. In other words adult expectations are too threatening for them. They all said how much more comfortable they were with children as they were non threatening

Realistically however children are not able to fulfill adult needs so while pedophiles do some incredible mental gymnastics to rationalize their relationships with children ultimately those children grow into the very adults they feel threatened by. Then again if they are able to groom the child while they are young they may be able to mold them or cast them so that they also remain a child emotionally so they can never threaten the pedophile. And what does that child become? A pedophile! Someone whom they model after themselves.

Of course I am generalizing that doesn't happen in all cases and its not the conscious intention of the pedophile in many instances to make little clones of themselves but in some cases its the end result.

I think its sad and a waste of human life. Many pedophiles can intuitively read people but yet instead of using that gift to help others and benefit society, they become maladjusted human beings who prey on innocence. Most know that what they are doing is wrong while others as displayed here go to extreme lengths to validate their lifestyles by minimizing the seriousness of child pornography and its impact on the victims such as Kylie Freeman.

Tired of Lies Manifesto that appears here and on other websites and forums is simply self validation. No one in their right mind will EVER buy it. No Government will ever advocate or legislate in NAMBLA's OR WAMBLA's favor. FC69 if you really want help you will look for it. I don't pity you as you don't deserve pity I am not sure I can empathize with you either to be honest but if you really want help the offer is there.
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simply me
 in response to az_sugarcane...   The truth is that Tired Of Lies and his mate go from one forum board to another on the internet and post the same argument and say the same rubbish you can find them on a forum board called anonTalk that was shut down because they and other pedophiles were posting links to child porn they also share links on other forums that were created by pedophiles for pedophiles, Another one they use is Topix. Same guys same rhetoric same profile make up. There is a good chance they are what is known as a troll or attention seekers but that is unlikely. His buddy whom i replied to earlier "FC69" is his traveling partner on the net. He stuffed up really badly in his reply saying he hasn't looked at child porn in 10 years or so, however Kylie Freeman's father didn't put them on there 10 years ago it was about 8 years ago. Given his admission and intimate knowledge of those video's I don't believe he has not been watching child porn recently. The silly thing is law enforcement agencies can track them just as I have. I know their MO's. Its only a matter if time before they are brought to justice. I might even be there when they are and if so you can bet they wont be as vocal or proud of their conquests when that occurs. I will be telling them who I am.
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 in response to Tired Of Lies...   So, TOL, what you're saying is that you're perfectly okay with the neighbor having sex with your four-year-old daughter, as long as he gives her a cookie and some ice cream and doesn't tell her it's wrong? How about your eight-year-old neice? If her teacher wants to have sex with her, it's fine as long as he plays Barbie's and doesn't tell her it's wrong? I assume then that you're also okay with someone walking into a bank and taking all the money, as long as no one says it's wrong. Oh, and it must also be okay for your Uncle to take a knife and put it in the heart of your wife, as long as it's not done forcefully or with malice, and as long as no one objects? You're a blithering idiot, and so are your "friends" here who all agree that sex with a child is not bad. Holy hell, and we wonder why society is so screwed up. Please, in God's name, don't ever procreate. EVER.
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Are you people for real? or are you just trying to incite anger in your readers? Anyone who believes it's okay to have sex with a child is a complete idiot and not in touch with reality. I could spend an hour trying to make you understand how ridiculous you are, but I would be wasting my time. Until you deal with your own sexual issues, you'll never understand how damaging this is to a child. After reading your comments, I'm inclined to wash my eyes with bleach... I pray none of you are ever left alone with a child.
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